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Evaluative statement

Video and summary of key points. UPM audio – summary of points So many things to talk about – focus on formative feedback Simplicity and over-working a. Tondo momentb. Quick not fussyc. The less relaxed the work is, the less it’s itself.d. There’s more vacuum in space than matter (dark matter aside) Confidence a. Leaving … Continue reading Evaluative statement

Assessment images UPM HE4

Avatar. I chose this image because it’s of one of my favourite films and because of that, it was also a terrifying prospect as the self imposed pressure to get it right was so great. The image is here because, with the need to do justice to the original, I am so pleased with the … Continue reading Assessment images UPM HE4

Frock stays on, mate

Video featuring the Frock painting, a desaturated version made in MotionLeap, and audio. Video made in Filmora10, audio recorded on Voice Recorder for iPhone and processed in Filmora. Sources: voice, guitar string, amplifier. Continue reading Frock stays on, mate