Evaluative statement

Video and summary of key points. UPM audio – summary of points So many things to talk about – focus on formative feedback Simplicity and over-working a. Tondo momentb. Quick not fussyc. The less relaxed the work is, the less it’s itself.d. There’s more vacuum in space than matter (dark matter aside) Confidence a. Leaving … Continue reading Evaluative statement

Light revisited

Remember this from the previous post? The ballet fail that I exorcised with a large dollop of white primer? Well, I’m taking another run at light, this one based on a photo reference because it’s clear that imagining how bodies work is not going well, despite having seen many in my lifetime. The photo is … Continue reading Light revisited

More light

6th March. Pursuing the ballet theme because I’m beginning to get a feel for the shapes, the colours, and the way light works in backstage/onstage contexts. This time there is no reference photo or painting although I did use one drawing by Degas for the angle of the head. First few layers. I started with … Continue reading More light

Light, again

Last time I took a pop at painting light, I copied and then updated a Degas. This time, I’ve taken a photograph I found that purports to be backstage at the Bolshoi although for now I can’t confirm that or find any details of the photographer. It’s absolutely stunning though, and my plan is to … Continue reading Light, again

Objective Evaluation

This assignment was, for me, the best part of the module. Expansive and liberating, it contrasted sharply with the more insular and prescriptive exercises that preceded it but which, nevertheless, I was able to employ in this series of paintings. The environmental theme was perfect for my situation, trapped as I have been in a … Continue reading Objective Evaluation


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