Coronavirus: COVID-19

This post is replicated from my PoP blog because this module, as the previous one, is likely to be dominated by the threats and constraints placed on all of us by this global pandemic. 15th March 2020. As a note for the chronology of this set of circumstances, and because the relevance of those circumstances may not immediately come to mind in the future, Europe is now the epicentre of the Coronavirus (CORVID-19) pandemic. Here in the UK, those of us over 70 years of age or with health vulnerabilities are advised to stay away from enclosed spaces and to … Continue reading Coronavirus: COVID-19

Part 5, Assignment 5 – preparatory work (A2 painting #3)

After completing the first pair of paintings in quite an abstract style, I’m intending to make a further two pairs in increasingly less abstract style, reflecting the eventual resolution of the studio environment. Today/tomorrow there are electricians, on Monday there … Continue reading Part 5, Assignment 5 – preparatory work (A2 painting #3)

Part 5, Assignment 5 – preparatory work (1)

In a favourable time and situation, never neglect the unfavourable potential. In an unfavourable time and situation, never act abruptly and blindly. And in adverse circumstance, never become depressed and despair. From the Tao of I, quoted by Alfred Huang … Continue reading Part 5, Assignment 5 – preparatory work (1)

Art or Palette?

I’m including this serendipitous piece here because the module has as its key objective the exploration of painting media and while there was no intent behind it, I think it has opened another door on both the way media can work and how outcomes might be judged. I posted it initially on Instagram with the question, art or palette? Most people dodged the challenge but some made their pitch – it was art. I felt I had to come clean so I told them it wasn’t, it was my palette. One person said then that it was both art and … Continue reading Art or Palette?